Welcome to Logmaker!

The Logmaker makes longer lasting logs and produces compact long burning fuel from fallen leaves, newspaper, cardboard, teabags, etc.

Quick and easy to produce, you can use the logs immediately if made using dry waste.
Versatile, you can produce 'open' Wet Logs or encase them in a paper wrapping to keep them together or you can use it to make from whole newspapers to give a very dense and long burning Log.

A complete revolution in Wet & Dry Log production!


Still the most popular Logmaker is the easy to use Original Newspaper Logmaker is made from 100% recycled plastic.

The perfect eco friendly gift for people who wants to help the
environment, reduce deforestation, reduce Greenhouse Gases and save
money on their fuel costs.

Maximise your Fuel Log production by making logs from soaked waster and create a denser, longer burning fuel log of any burnable waste.

We are proud to still make the paper logmaker here in the UK.

Happy Log making!


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